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Corporate culture at Fujimura

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An open corporate culture in a safe, cheerful environment - that is the sort of corporate culture that we at Fujimura aim to achieve. Ideas are welcomed from one and all during meetings, with importance placed on active discussion within the company.

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Through repeated steps such as these, we encourage individual employees to develop safety awareness and to improve their skills and take pride in the fact that we have created our very own ideal corporate culture here at Fujimura.

Obtaining licenses and qualifications to improve confidence and provide a greater sense of responsibility

work operation

Even the most cutting-edge machinery ultimately requires human input to make it work. It is all a question of precise judgment, safe and sound operation and skilled operators.

We have therefore developed an environment here at Fujimura whereby employees are encouraged to obtain licenses and qualifications and to take part in training schemes. This helps raise skill levels, thereby improving confidence and providing employees with a greater sense of responsibility.

Promoting physical and mental health to help give employees stronger bodies and minds

Exteriot view of the Power Gym

In order to promote discipline of the body and mind, we have a“Power Gym”equipped with a range of exercise equipment on company premises. These facilities are available for individual employees to use whenever they want and are designed to promote physical health and mental well-being at the same time.

In addition to mental and physical health, we firmly believe that approaching work with a stronger body and mind enables employees to carry out demolition work more safely.

Power Gym (1F)
Power Gym (2F)