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Environmental policy

Environmental policy

International standard ISO 14001:2004 certification in September 2005

Fujimura Co., Ltd.fs business activities have been certified under ISO 14001:2004, the international standard for environmental preservation. We regard environmental preservation initiatives as a high priority within the context of our business as a comprehensive demolition provider and ensure that each and every one of our employees promote environmentally friendly activities.


Basic philosophy

Since the company was established in 1973, Fujimura Co., Ltd. has continued to undertake community-based corporate activities through its comprehensive demolition, industrial waste collection and haulage, civil engineering and other business operations. Constantly keeping in mind our founding spirit of gsafety for man, woman and child,h each and every member of the Fujimura team works together to ensure that our demolition services are safe and as vibrant as possible, whilst also actively striving to preserve the environment and prevent pollution on a daily basis in order to help create a rich natural environment and make communities a better place to live.

Environmental principles

  1. We will identify and comply with all applicable environmental legal requirements and any other requirements to which we are party.
  2. The relevant departments and personnel will set out environmental goals and targets consistent with these principles and hold management review meetings at regular predetermined intervals in order to reappraise our environmental policy, goals and targets and make ongoing improvements to our environmental management systems.
  3. We will undertake business activities at every stage of our comprehensive demolition, industrial waste collection and haulage, civil engineering and other business operations based on consideration of the following points.
    1. We will strive to put safety first as part of our demolition and civil engineering operations through compliance with legislation and construction plans.
    2. We will strive to minimize exhaust emissions from our vehicles and construction machinery, prevent the dispersal of hazardous dust during demolition or civil engineering work and eliminate air pollution.
    3. We will strive to limit noise and vibrations.
    4. We will strive to save energy and resources.
    5. We will strive to keep the surrounding environment clean and beautiful.
  4. We will make every effort to promote green procurement.
  5. Publicizing and raising awareness of our environmental policy
    In addition to striving to promote understanding of our environmental policy amongst all of our employees and raise environmental awareness through environmental education, we will publicize our environmental policy to all affiliated operators and request their understanding and cooperation.

If requested to do so, we will release details of our environmental policy to outside parties.

Naoto Fujimura
Fujimura Co., Ltd.

August 1, 2012