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Demolition work with a focus on safety


Ever since the company was first established, Fujimura Co., Ltd. has continued to carry out demolition work with a focus on safety first and foremost, based on our motto gSafty First for your family.h Taking on board lessons from the past, we continue to make every effort to ensure efficient operations within safe onsite environments.
Being a safe company is a source of great pride here at Fujimura Co., Ltd.

In addition to striving to ensure safe working environments, we also continue to actively promote the introduction of the latest machinery in order to help prevent accidents and increase efficiency.

Giving careful consideration to local residents

consideration to local residents

Nobody is ever going to be happy about demolition work taking place in the vicinity of their home. Nevertheless, through onsite monitoring, staff training and continual improvements in the noise and vibration levels caused by heavy machinery, we continue to strive to minimize discomfort to all those living in the local area and make every effort to be as careful as possible.

Ensuring companywide cost awareness and passing on the resulting savings

Ensuring companywide cost awareness and passing on the resulting savings

By actively encouraging a cost-oriented approach (gCOSTMINDh), Fujimura Co., Ltd. continues to promote a range of initiatives designed to cut expenses and operational costs on a daily basis. As a result, we have consistently managed to reduce our costs. Our Accounting Department rigorously checks expenses at each individual site as part of our ongoing airtight efforts, reflecting the high level of cost awareness here at Fujimura Co., Ltd. Our goal is to offer the most reasonable prices in the demolition industry.

The current climate in the industry remains tough, with drastic changes in urban structure since the collapse of Japanfs bubble economy and emerging issues such as competitive pricing and environmental issues. Nonetheless, we at Fujimura Co., Ltd. continue to promote reduced costs through comprehensive cost management. We then pass on any savings resulting from our cost cutting initiatives to our clients.

Work that future generations can be proud of

The future of the 21st century rests on the shoulders of our children. Indeed, most of our employees here at Fujimura Co., Ltd. have their own families.

Paying close attention to the future of the children that make up part of these families, we try to ensure that our work takes into account onsite conditions. We hope that our work is something that our children can be proud of. This sentiment underpins all of our operations on a day to day basis.

Drawing on extensive onsite experience to build up even more experience

With constant advances in machinery, it is easy to get caught up in specifications. In addition to having the right equipment however, we believe that genuine onsite experience is also an invaluable asset

Catering to all manner of projects as a comprehensive demolition provider

Catering to all manner of projects as a comprehensive demolition provider

As a result of advances in construction technology in recent years, buildings have become increasingly solidly-built. By combining our technical capabilities and diverse range of heavy machinery however, we at Fujimura Co., Ltd. can execute even the most difficult demolition projects with ease.

We are happy to take on the demolition of any type of structure, including high-rise buildings, factories and any other large structures.